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Can I surrender in a SHBB?

Things to look for after giving birth

Can I surrender in a SHBB?

  • A surrender in the Safe Haven Baby Boxes provides a last resort option. Women who call the National Safe Haven Baby Boxes Hotline are encouraged to do a face-to-face surrender for the sake of their rights and health.  Each location offers copies that provide information about mother’s rights and medical information, along with reference to the Safe Haven Baby Boxes National Hotline and website.

  • Should the mother contact Safe Haven Baby Boxes after the surrender, she will be provided the same information provided with a face-to-face surrender and given guidance on where to seek help.


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Things to look for after giving birth

Can I surrender in a SHBB?


If you would like to give any medical history please fill out the attached document below.  This information is confidential.  


Things to look for after giving birth

Things to look for after giving birth

Things to look for after giving birth

1.  Is it normal to be feeling cramps?

A: Yes, cramps like you would feel on your period are normal after having a baby for a few days. Taking ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) can help reduce the pain. 

2. Is it normal to be bleeding?

A: Yes, vaginal bleeding after giving birth is normal for up to 8 weeks as long as it is not so heavy that it can soak a super pad in an hour over three or more hours. You may see small clots (the size of a quarter or even a ping-pong ball), but large clots (the size of a tennis ball or larger) are a concern you should have checked out.

3. Is it normal to feel sore when sitting?

A: Yes, however you may have had a tear in your vagina or on the skin between your vagina and anus. If you are having pain with sitting or wiping after using the bathroom, you should have it checked out. Some tears need sewn to heal correctly.

4. Is it normal that I feel sad?

A: Yes and no. A lot of women have brief moments of feeling sad after having a baby and may cry easily. But if you are having trouble eating, trouble sleeping, crying a lot, feeling hopeless, or having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else you need to seek help. 

5. What should I do if I make breastmilk?

A: Breasts are designed to begin making milk during pregnancy and after having a baby. To stop the milk, you would need to wear a tight fitting bra (a “sports bra”) and avoid anything that might make the milk leak out (like touching your breasts or letting warm water run over your breasts in the shower). 

6. What should I be watching out for?

A: The most concerning symptoms after having a baby are FEVER, a bad HEADACHE that does not go away with Tylenol, heavy vaginal BLEEDING, feeling DEPRESSED or ANXIOUS, and having a hard time controlling bowel movements or peeing. 

7. If I have a concern, where should I go or whom should I call?

A: Call 911