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Monica Kelsey

Conceived in Rape, Abandoned at Birth

On August 25th, 1972, a 17-year-old girl was brutally attacked and raped and left along the side of the road to die. She pressed charges against her rapist, and he was arrested and charged, and if this wasn't bad enough six weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. At the advice of this young girl's mother, she found herself at a back alley abortion facility in Oct of 1972, and while standing in front of the man who was going to take her child's life, this young woman changed her mind. She was then hidden from the outside world for the remainder of the pregnancy she gave birth to her baby in April of 1973 and abandoned her baby at a small hospital in Ohio 2 hours after giving birth.  
This abandoned baby was me. This is where my journey began.

A Mother's worst Nightmare and every medics worst fear

We don't always know the plans that Christ has for us, and sometimes the heartache is too much to bear.  But when you take a tragic event, and turn it into a teachable moment, Christ will give you the path.This is the tragic story of Monica, her son, and his best friend Casey. What began as a typical evening around a bonfire at a small-town graduation party, ended in unthinkable tragedy and a crime scene.

“Never Leave a Brother Behind” follows two best friends who decide to push the limits after drinking a few beers and ends with one pinned under a vehicle while the other, all alone, desperately attempts to save his best friend's life.This documentary will take you through the worst night of one young man’s life, a mother’s worst fear and the consequences of a decision that will follow everyone involved....for the rest of their lives.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Founder, Monica Kelsey, started Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. after learning she was abandoned as an infant and after seeing a "baby box" in operation at a church, in Cape Town, South Africa. She has made it her personal mission to educate others on the Safe Haven Law and to do whatever it takes to save the lives of innocent babies from being abandoned. The Safe Haven Baby Box takes the face to face interaction out of the surrender and protects the mother from being seen. The Safe Haven Baby Boxes organization's primary goal is to raise awareness of the Safe Haven Law. Women in crisis can call the 24 hour hotline and can receive counseling and assistance. To date, the hotline has received close to 6,000 calls from every state in the United States. Safe Haven Baby Boxes has referred over 500 women to crisis pregnancy centers, assisted in 6 adoption referrals, and have had 70 legal Safe Haven surrenders. Six babies have been surrendered in boxes in Indiana in the past 18 months. Three babies were surrendered to firefighters at Safe Haven Baby Box locations.  Since April 2016, when the first box was installed, there have been no dead abandoned infants in the state of Indiana.

Training First Responders on the Safe Haven Law 

Safe Haven Baby Boxes travels to fire stations and hospitals to train first responders on the Safe Haven Law. We find that many of our first responders are familiar with the law, but need more training on how to handle safe surrenders and their response to mothers-in-crisis. Please contact us for more information or to schedule training.

School Assemblies

Raising awareness of the Safe Haven Law is vital and educating our youth is one of our primary goals. Safe Haven Baby Boxes representatives have spoken to students in hundreds of schools and universities in the past five years. Our representatives are available to speak to any size group - individual classes or an assembly with all students. Please contact us if you are interested in having someone speak at your local school.  
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